SIP Scheme

We are well experienced and knowledgeable firm in the field of Real estate. Now, we newly launched a SIP mode for middle-class people to make their dream come true in investing on the residential plots.

Book your plot in and around Chennai with the EMI option and get benefited enormously in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Thanigai Estates.

World’s 1st systematic Investment plan in Real Estate – Scheme starts @ Rs/- 2000/month.

Thanigai Estates & Constructions

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Our Offers and gifts:

  • People who are looking for their dream house in the future (plots) in and around Chennai, reach us instantly to book your plot in EMIor SIP
  • We happily offering 1 gram of silver monthly for the members in the SIP Scheme.
  • The money you paid to our executives will be confirmed for your preferred plot in Chennai at any time.
  • Under this scheme, we do provide a lottery (randomly picked) and lucky prizesfor the winners.

SIP Scheme - Terms & Conditions.

  1. Members should pay Rs 2000/- before 10th of each month.
  2. Our lottery prize will be as per 100 heads in 1 head. (e. Among 100 members, one will be selected as a lucky winner).
  3. Lucky winner will be get gift vouchers of Rs 5000/-.
  4. Every month on 30th /31st, we will be conducting a lottery spin at Thanigai Meeting Hall.
  5. You have an option to pay an additional amount to your account while paying the monthly EMI.
  6. Each month, members should pay their EMI without skipping to claim their monthly One-gram silver. 
  7. Once the registered/paid amount for your booked plot will not be returned as amount for any reason.
  8. The amount paid will be considered only for the plot as per T&C.
  9. The paid EMI’s (Amount) can be utilized by the member to choose any plot divisions under Thanigai Real Estate & constructions.
  10. Every member should give their presence on the date of the lottery shuffle without fail.
  11. Based on regular participants during the monthly lottery shuffle, we will provide special gifts for 10 members randomly.
  12. All of the above, as a member of the Thanigai family, you will be given a chance to support/work with us for future growth.

Note: If suppose you are unable to pay for one month, the one-gram silver will not be issued for the following months.

Please, have a keen look or speak with Mr Manikandan, senior marketing manager of Thanigai Estate & Construction to get a clear information.


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